Renault Car Reviews

Renault Modus

The Renault Modus has been designed to appeal to women. The company’s Clio will take on a less feminine nature and the Modus will replace it with tons of cute feminine appeal. A very smart move on Renault’s part. Plenty of men will find the car appealing too, but the car’s exterior design is definitely geared to be extra desirable by women and families. It may not be rugged or tough enough for some male buyers. The car’s face almost looks like it’s smiling. Engines are compact and practical, with Renault’s diesel units being offered, but the petrol units are worth considering as well, especially the 1.2-litre unit. The little Modus was not designed for speed, and it is not a fast car. The car does manage to zip along the city streets and mall parking lots quite well though. The car’s design maximizes cabin space and interior room is better than it looks from the outside. The car feels well-made for the most part with a few exceptions. The  car is attractive despite the inexpensive materials that have been used.


 Being female oriented, the Renault Modus is more practical than sporty. This calls for good fuel economy, low insurance rates, and low servicing charges make the Modus more appealing. Resale value will also remain high due to the high demand. The interior is lager than what the exterior suggests. Head and legroom are sufficient both in the front and rear, though rear passengers will enjoy less legroom than front-seat passengers. The boot is very generous and will easily accommodate a days shopping. The gauges are inviting and give a classy touch to the Modus. The dials and buttons on the fascia have a low quality feel, but won’t malfunction. The dash is uncluttered making it easy to use the instrumentation. The cabin is comfortable for all passengers. The front passengers will have sufficient room in all directions; even the tallest of occupants should be compromised. Move to the rear and slide the seats forward and legroom is reduced dramatically but leaves enough room for children. Gaining access to the cabin of the Modus is easy through the wide door apertures. The ride height is average and the seats are wide making a reach into the car un-necessary. The boot is just as easy to access with a low load lip and wide-opening hatch. The light steering, great visibility, and small dimensions make parking the Modus extremely easy. Even at low speeds the accelerator isn’t fidgety and steering is precise.

 Life Style

 The Modus was not designed to be a performance car. The engine options are geared economy and reliability. Although this is not a hot hatch the Modus provides a comfortable ride. The Modus is a really neat family car. The versatility that the Modus brings will suit families. Children of all ages will be attracted to the car’s exterior design. The Modus makes an excellent second car or a commuter car. The Modus is a popular car among new drivers, especially girls. It is modern, and fun and is a fashionable label. Renault is known for reliability which should bring some peace of mind. Renault has produced a variety of vehicles that are able to meet the needs of various buyers. The trendy Modus is marketed toward young girls and should market itself quite successfully.

 Security and Safety

The car comes with remote central locking, an engine immobiliser, and a locking fuel cap. The security measures will help to keep insurance premiums low. The Modus comes standard with ABS brakes with EBD, Isofix fittings front and rear, and a whole host of airbags.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car’s audio unit comes standard with a two-speaker radio cassette. Upgraded models receive a CD player, but both units only come with two speakers. Upgraded modelsreceive four speakers. Multichangers can be specified as cost-options.


 The Modus has a fresh modern look that will be attractive to younger buyers. The Modus is inexpensive and trendy. Buyers will get good value for the money and the Renault reputation for quality and reliability should make buyers feel even more secure with their purchase.