Renault Car Reviews

Renault Clio

Renault’s Clio offers a wide range of diversity making it appealing to a wide range of buyers. It offers a range of bodystyles, three and five door options, and a wide choice of diesel engines.

The Clio appears much larger than its predecessor, and it is the biggest car in this class. Its exterior design shares certain styling features with other cars in the Renault range.Three and five door models share identical styling. There are substantial changes made to the inside though, with a completely new interior layout. The Clio has a simple dashboard layout that avoids looking too cluttered. The Clio has also inherited the option of keycard entry, which is a nice and convenient touch. The Clio uses a familiar range of petrol and diesel engines.The 1.5-litre diesel version comes in three outputs, with the mid-range dCi85 version as a good choice. The car offers good levels of comfort and the car’s colours and materials give the car a very nice feel. The Clio benefits from an enhanced suspension system designed for improved ride quality and grip. Despite the car’s compact dimensions, the car provides good cabin space and passenger comfort.


 Now i’ve had a lot of experience with Renault after owning a second hand Renault Grand Scenic and can vouch that the Clio enjoys similarly low running costs and great fuel economy. The purchse price is also low and so is the car’s insurance grouping. The Clio is a popular car and should enjoy decent resale values. The Clio provides much better cabin space than most of its rivals. Even in the three-door model, rear space is very good, while front seat passengers have an abundance of head, leg and elbow room for a car in this class. The glovebox is a decent size and is useful. The car’s controls and dials are large and useful. The displays are large and easily read. The controls are logically placed in an attractive lay-out. The stereo buttons are small and somewhat of a disappointment, but the steeringwheel controls are very convenient and practical. The Clio provides a smooth ride and the seats are supportive and comfortable. Engine and road noise is successfully kept to a minimal even at motorway speeds. Comfort levels are high for both front and rear passengers. The car provides easy access. The doors open wide and the seats sit high enough for passengers to slide in. The boot is also easily accessible and the tailgate is wide. The Clio provides a large glass area and makes parking easy with good all-round visibility. The car’s steering is light and makes parking even easier, especially in tight places.

 Life Style

 The Clio is easy to drive, and the car’s 1.5-litre diesel engine is powerful enough to deliver a good ride. The steering is accurate and is well-weighted. The Clio was not designed for performance, but the car does deliver a comfortable cabin and an excellent ride quality. The Clio would make an excellent family vehicle for a small family. It provides good cabin space for both front and rear passengers, and boot space is very good as well. The car is very child-friendly and would stand up to the rigors of family life. First time buyers will find the Clio very appealing. The car enjoys ow running costs and good fuel economy. Insurance rates should be low as well. The car handles most driving conditions well. Renault has made the Clio from high quality materials. The exterior has a solid, durable appearance, and inside all the surfaces feel of good quality and well constructed. The car’s price and style will be appealing to young buyers, while the car’s practicality and improved cabin space will be more appealing to families and more mature drivers.

 Security and Safety

The car comes equipped standard with remote deadlocking and a security alarm. Other useful features include automatic door locking when the vehicle goes over 5mph, and an engine immobiliser. The Clio includes ABS as standard fit, with a minimum of four airbags on all models. A new design of an active head restraint has also been added.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio/CD player. It provides good sound quality. The stereo’s controls are duplicated on the car’s column stalk. The Clio makes a good first impression. Privilege versions come with a two-colour dashboard, with the lower half finished in a lighter colour. This gives a light and airy feel to the cabin. The interior finish is a dark grey, but it maintains a light and airy feel.


 This is a highly competitive segment, but the Clio has kept the traits that make it so popular, and enhanced certain areas to make the car more modern and to keep it competitive. A wide range of trim and engine options provides a variety of cars designed to suit a variety of budgets. The amount of space being offered is quite impressive.