Renault Car Reviews

Renault Cars

Renault is a car manufacturer from France which has been producing vehicles since 1898. The company was formed officially in 1989 by the three Renault brothers; Louis, Marcel and Fernand as well as their pal Thomas Evert. They began building cars with the intention of entering them into races, and when they did, their cars were always successful and promising. However, Marcel was killed in 1903 in a tragic racing accident, 3 years later Fernand also had to quit the company as a result of ill health leaving Louis to run the company himself.

Renault has always made an effort to be ahead of the game when it comes to motoring, for example, they were the first company to develop the turbo charged engine. The two world wars saw the decline of Louis Renaults reign at Renault when in the Second World War, he was caught building vehicles for Nazi Germany resulting in his incarceration and ultimately death in 1944 from a broken neck. The French government then took control of Renault. Under government control, Renault once again excelled and maintained it prestigious reputation in the motor world. It was then privatised in 1966 where Renault continued to expand.

Today it is one of the best known automotive brands in Europe and there are millions of used Renault vehicles on European roads to back this up.